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I live in a newly built town that was built on the site of the original one, which was situated in coal mining fields.
The town was eventually wiped off the map following heavy devastation caused by mining. I have been left
with nostalgia of these old places which pose the main theme of my photography.

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  • Zdenek Baranek 21/12/2008 18:50

    Merry Chistmas
  • Katarina Juricova 19/07/2006 12:24

    Pekne obrazky...a tu nostalgiu, o ktorej pisete vo svojom profile, z nich ozaj citit...
    S pozdravom, Katarina. :-)
  • Katerina Zumrová 26/06/2006 7:15

    dekan za komentar - ani nevis, jak sem se vydesila, ze sem tam dala spatnou fotku, kdyz sem na mejlu cetla cos napsal...desne ve mne hrklo...
    view from Hruba skala
    view from Hruba skala
    Katerina Zumrová

    Katka :-)
  • Katerina Zumrová 08/06/2006 17:33

    jo, taky bych si dala, kdyby tak byly ty houbicky
    jedlý ;-)
    mej se...
    Katka :-)
  • Katerina Zumrová 31/05/2006 7:13

    pri povodních
    pri povodních
    Katerina Zumrová

    Kacka :-)
  • steffen s... 29/01/2006 7:56

    shortly in fc - and just a great account... welcome!
    will come back!
    "orange setting"
    greating from bavaria
  • Katerina Zumrová 22/01/2006 7:12

    dekuji za komentár k fotce "v Chorvatsku"
  • Dirk Hofmann 18/01/2006 19:51

    Hi Radovan!

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    Another way to gather some information would be our online-help where you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
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    Of course I'd be glad to answer your questions too!

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