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  • Nizar Salhieh 17/09/2006 17:10


    Nice Name and Nice pictures
  • Davide Bergonzini 16/09/2006 10:34

    spero che prima o poi ci vediamo....a confrontare tutte queste belle foto
  • Davide Bergonzini 16/09/2006 9:51

    grazie mille del commento....
  • Véronique Soulier 07/09/2006 9:29

    thanks.. freedom is a great question..
  • Maguire 06/09/2006 22:25

    Hi Katarina

    Good to hear from you and many thanks for commenting. Very much appreciated.

  • Mrs. Peggy 18/08/2006 2:05

    Thank you for your note. It makes happy me that my picture pleases you. Greetings, Ricarda!
  • bernd böhm 13/08/2006 10:47

    Thank you Katarina for bringing my attention to your lovely and hopefully growing portfolio, with your kind comment to
    bernd böhm
    .I´m looking forward to your future uploads of pictures from Slovakia, even if I rarely have the time to write comments. But your pictures from there, together with your apparently sunny nature, make me think I might go for a holiday to Slovakia one day ;-)
  • KasiaDesign 12/08/2006 13:11

    Hi Katarina, thank you for your lovely compliments on my photos.
    I send you this one from Cicmany as a special greeting.
    Picturesque - Bildhübsch
    Picturesque - Bildhübsch

  • Costantinos Milonas 10/08/2006 15:11

    Hello Katarina,
    Thank you for your comment in my photo...
    Made From Wood. ( The Series )
    Made From Wood. ( The Series )
    Costantinos Milonas

  • Abdul Khaliq 09/08/2006 9:33

    Hi Katarina, Many thanks for your kind comment.
    Greetings -abdul
  • Dennis Maloney 09/08/2006 2:46

    Thank you Katarina, for your kind words on my recent photos..best regards,den
  • Nyo Pu 07/08/2006 6:17

    Hello Katerina,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words and taking time for my fotos.
    With regards from Asia,
  • Ildikó ZókaDani 03/08/2006 22:42

    Hi Katerina!
    Many thanks for your comment.
  • Mark Page 31/07/2006 22:50

    Thanks so much for your comment - much appreciated :D

  • Ron Couwenberg 25/07/2006 10:49

    Thank you Katarina for your kind comforting words.
    Best regards
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