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Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.
I guess it's about time I updated it, so here goes...

I have been "playing around" with my camera for about half a year now and must say i am seriously addicted to both my camera, and the fc.
I guess I've always liked taking snapshots, and over time it just got more and more...
I haven't found my very own personal style yet, i guess that requires much more understanding of photography, and also more time, both of which i am trying to increase.
Being a full time mum unfortunately often doesn't leave as much time for photography as i would ideally like.
Nevertheless do i try and get my camera out as often as possible - I try to learn as i go along, which is why any comments on my pictures are very important to me. Any criticism that helps me improve is more than welcome, but obviously i won't stop you if you have anything nice to say about my pictures either ;o)

My equipment:
Canon EOS 20D, EFS 18 - 55mm.
I have very recently invested in a Giottos MT 9170 Tripod (after returning a cheap Jessops tripod that wouldn't hold the camera in place properly...)
and a Canon TC-80N3 Remote control.
I have also started experimenting with filters and after having seen some very inspiring work, and finding lots of information about them in the fc i now use graduated grey filters and a polarising filter. This is something i am only just starting, so again- lots to try out and see what happens...
The other very important part of my "equipment" are my husband Des (thanks for everything!) who willingly has offered to carry the tripod around, and who is always so encouraging, and my son Jamie (who coincedentally happens to be my favourite model ;o)

Thanks again for stopping by.
You are very welcome to leave a message.

Homewards bound
Homewards bound
Petra Finkenzeller

Comments 48

  • Serdar Camlica 14/07/2007 17:39

    thanks for your kind comment... i would like to show my new artwork

    serdar camlica © 1998-2007
  • Jamie Hollett 12/05/2006 22:12

    Stunning work Petra well done. Great vision & drive. Hope you find what your looking for. You have a natural talent. Keep up the good work & look forward to seeing more of your fantastic images. Never give up & always look to try something new & fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.
  • Darren Yates 22/02/2006 13:55

    I really enjoyed looking at your images, really they are outstanding.

  • Mustafa Kaya 16/02/2006 0:02

    great smile , great shots

    thank you petra,


    mustafa kaya
  • Ronald Koster 08/02/2006 23:59



  • Cees Kuijs 02/02/2006 10:10

    Petra, thank for all your kind words. It`s much appreciated.
    Greetings, Cees
  • Ioan Farcas 02/02/2006 9:02

    Hi Petra,
    thanks for commenting my photo
    Ioan Farcas

    It's only forozen water but the loks is spectacular and BW ads a bitt of drama!
  • Marc Eckstein 26/01/2006 21:12

    Hi Petra,
    Thanks for you kind comment about my pic of Jordyn, I caught it when she was in one of her crazy moods. Which I must say is quite often.

    Thanks again
  • °°° celle °°° 25/01/2006 20:24

    lieben dank für dein echo...
  • Massimo Carolla 23/01/2006 22:26

    thanks for your comment , i like to see your pics, regards massimo
  • Josep A. Collado 19/01/2006 23:41

    Many thanks, Petra, for the nice comment on my pic.
    Greetings from València.
    El pastor - The shepherd
    El pastor - The shepherd
    Josep A. Collado
  • Peta Lisle 16/01/2006 9:06

    Hi Petra,
    Thankyou for you kind words on my self portrait, they are appreciated.
  • Harjono Djoyobisono 15/01/2006 12:43

    Dear Petra,
    I really enjoy your gallery. And thanks a lot for your comment on my photo.

  • Peter Kis kalóz 15/01/2006 2:22

    Hi Petra! Thank you for your nice comment!
    Best wishes, Peter
  • Roman Bambura 15/01/2006 0:18

    Thank you for comment unden my work
    You are make good landscape photos
    Good luck and more beautiful photo
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