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It's obvious I am a not a professional photographer, little I know about the techniques of photography, about shutter speed and aperture, about sharpness and blur but still I love taking pictures. My photos are never ever an objective view of the world but a very personal perception of nature, architecture and people around me. Most of them have strong colours because I see strong colours in my mind and it is not my intention to reflect reality in a 1:1 model.

It's obvious I am no match for many of the other photographers ... there are loads of wonderful, amazing, fascinating pictures to see in the world of fotocommunity and I am really proud to be part of.

It's obvious I am an amateur, a snapper. That gives me the possibility to do without large professional equipment and so I have chosen the Nokia 808 PureView. It's a small and handy "camera" I always can take with me.

I love photos because images are any time, anywhere around.

This is my humble contribution.

Thank you for watching.

Huge thanks to the admin staff of fc for having chosen the following photos for the front page:
looking for the right way
looking for the right way
Peter L. Wagner
morning walk in the forest
morning walk in the forest
Peter L. Wagner
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Huawei P30 Pro
Nokia 808 PureView