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I just love life and everything around me. I wish I could capture what I feel when I see something. I am still in the "seriously-got-lots-of-learning-to-do" phase of my time allows hopefully I'll get better!

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  • Visiones de vida. 18/10/2004 16:54

    Keep those images coming, excellent work!!
  • Diet Diet.csb 18/10/2004 10:53

    how r u Natasha?
    i really like your shoots n dont worry u can improve on it....
  • Sjoerd van den berg 14/10/2004 6:50

    a mamaku grl eh!!! that is the meat wrks up there :))
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 13/10/2004 14:57

    hello natasha
    and welcome to the fotocommunity,
    I really like your photos and hope you enjoy sharing them with all of us.
    take care
  • Sjoerd van den berg 13/10/2004 10:56

    hi like your pics . i enjoy taking photos of kids. ive enjoyed should say do enjoy putting pics on this site for others to comment on hope u enjoy it as well. have taken the librty of adding u to my buddy list hope u dont mind . and by the way u got neat eyes. :))
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