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Iam been a Amatuer for 4years.Using Canon 10d with batt grip.My workflow is more to street.
If anyone out there interested in my werk to be publish do let me knoe.For now.

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  • Diet Diet.csb 29/06/2006 15:59 been long never surf this site' iam using canon 10d.

  • Susanne King 20/10/2004 23:57

    Hey Diet!
    Thanks for your mail and welcome to the fc! I am happy you like my work and I hope I see more of yours soon.
    Till then wishes
  • Tony AKa fototaker 20/10/2004 10:40

    wHo's on a diet????

  • Stephanie Strom 18/10/2004 10:20

    i took this one at the woodland park zoo
  • Stephanie Strom 18/10/2004 10:19

    the kookaburra comes from australia. thank you for the comments!!!! i really like your waterfall pic.
  • Dirk Hofmann 18/10/2004 8:31

    hi diet ...

    although i don't need a diet - like raul - i want to welcome you here.

    with your statement about sharing knowledge you said everything about the intensions of this community. but there are things beside that: you'll find some very nice and interesting people, fun and inspiration ...


  • Visiones de vida. 17/10/2004 4:07

    Diet, I love your profile name, It reminds of what I have to do!!..LOL!!, welcome to fotocommunity, there is much inspirtation from all over the world.
  • Diet Diet.csb 15/10/2004 9:07

    hello there i am new at here......i find it very interesting cos all of us can share de way of skills by becoming a pro photography..Well now i am using de Canon Powershot A75 n i be using it for 6mth.To me i take dis model canon is like a starter..
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