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This photo was taken after an aerial photo session, and while I was waiting for my car, I shot this photo that turned out really interesting.

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  • Maura photographer's daughter 29/11/2007 23:41

    thank you for the My name is scottish-irish cuz my dad is yes its nice talking to you to!
  • Maura photographer's daughter 28/11/2007 4:16

    haha I am dad has some scottish, my mom some french...and probably a bunch of other random stuff! Well Photography is really my dad's passion, I just do it for a hobby. I am a dancer, which is my passion of all time! (i do ballet, jazz, modern, irish step, pointe....and w/e else I am taught!)
  • martin tapia-zuckermann 27/11/2007 16:44

    I do understand some deutsch, but I have to look at the dictionary for some worte :)
    I went to the fussball weltmeisterschaft last year and I loved the language, unfortunately I only stayed there for two weeks. I fell in love with Berlin
  • martin tapia-zuckermann 27/11/2007 16:26

    Hallo Sylvia,
    Ich spreche leider kein englisch.
    Could you please write to me in englisch? :)
    Do you have photos?
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