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My name is Maura. My dad is a professional photographer, so I got into myself. I am a highschooler, so I am just learning the art of photography. My real love tho is music and dance. (as I do ballet, modern, pointe, irish step, jazz, guitar, violin, and a little piano.

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  • Dianna 06/12/2007 22:33

    Thank you for your comments on my photo! :-)
    Your thoughts and comments, and critiques are always welcome.
    Greetings from Texas,
    Sketch in Soft Pastels
    Sketch in Soft Pastels
  • Wolfgang Palmer 05/12/2007 13:33

    Thanks for your comment on my Christmas tree.
    I hope you have a merry Christmas!
  • martin tapia-zuckermann 28/11/2007 4:41

    ohhhhhh, well, I guess your name threw me off!, well, I did meet a German girl by the name Mara, only one letter short. I'm Mexican, myself, but lived in the U.S. for 6 years, so English comes quite naturally, actually. Up there in Scandinavia and Northern Germany some girls do look like you, with those hazel-shaped eyes. The color of your eyes is nice and good to photograph. Perhaps your daddy has told ya that, right? Eyes like your should not be wasted, close-ups with zoom lens will deffinitely catch the color pretty well, but not under direct sunlight. I do flower photography and the color stands out more with little sunlight available, but you have to stand real, real still. It's lotsa fun.

    So you are really into dancing, I see. Good for ya, keeps ya healthy and away from street stuff. Well, gotta go, good chatting with ya, American Maura!
  • martin tapia-zuckermann 27/11/2007 20:03

    ya, I also like the picture, too. I actually got the idea from a movie, where the man asked the girl to get as close to him as possible without touching lips. Then, just the day after I had the tenacity of trying that with my ex-girlfriend and she really liked it, there is no contact, just "electricity" going back and forth. I know, it's crazy :)
  • martin tapia-zuckermann 27/11/2007 19:59

    Hallo, Mara!,
    Nice to meet you. What nationality are you?, I'm Mexican and by your looks I could guess you could be German, specially because of the eyes, but I could be wrong. Photography is my passion....well, the Bible is my biggest passion, but photography is definitely second. Flowers are also some of my favorites to photograph.
    Hope you learn a lot in fotocommunity, I am :)
  • Pierre Isoz 19/11/2007 12:44

    thank's for your comment !! It's a funny cat, he like to put himself in starnge position that you dont think it will saty a long time but i does !!!
  • felidae. 18/11/2007 22:35

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