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Hello all creative people,

I am a 29 year old male, from the Netherlands.
I like photography a lot and i hope to get some feedback on my pictures and learn something in this fotocommunity.

I just bought a new camera, the Canon EOS 350D.
I hope to enjoy this camera a lot!

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  • Serdar Camlica 14/07/2007 17:30

    thanks for your kind comment... i would like to show my new artwork

    serdar camlica © 1998-2007
  • Rodolfo Robles 30/11/2006 19:01

    thanks for the comment!!!...
  • Josep A. Collado 06/08/2006 19:37

    Thanks, Martijn, for the comment.
    Greetings from València
    Després de repostar - After fill up
    Després de repostar - After fill up
    Josep A. Collado
  • Emil Maga 11/07/2006 12:02

    Thank you for your kind comment. After a long serie of insect-macros and wild-life I`ve approached the other part of the world- lifeless objects. With some improvised studio in my kitchen ( the found is my suit-coat , a little flashlight, my tripod…) and some spare time I`ve camed to this chees shot. I`m glad you like it.
    Best regards, Maga Emil.
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