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  • Gert van der Flier 10/11/2007 17:28

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your nice comment on
    Best regards, Gert
  • Ilidio Fernandes 06/11/2007 16:33

    Thank you very much much for the comments
  • Hector Romero 05/11/2004 3:01

    Hello Mark!
    Greetings from California. My aplogies for not giving you my thanks sooner. The comments I appreciate most are knowledgable ones like yours. Thanks.
    Since I lack a lot of techinical knowledge, I try and make up for in my "eye" for composition. I would LIKE to say that I aspire to be a professional but I'm having too much fun just shooting at will, whenever and wherever. If you are new to FC, I hope you will consider a longer term membership and post more work. The one shot you have posted is stunning.

    Best Regards!
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