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Dear all the photographer all over the world.I t was so nice for me to join with all of you.
In December 1997,My Norweigian friends Eva and Gunnar Simonsen have been to Vietnam for my wedding.They have gave me a small canon solar power camera as a present for my wedding.
At first,I had used this camera to take some photos for my family and around my home town for a memorioes.Then I fell in love with photograpy and as I love my country with the beauty of life.I start to learn myself to be better by the years coming.
In august,2006.I have invited to be in Kristiansund Norway for the first international photo festival with a great honour.After my tripto Norway,I have said to my self that I have to keep going on ,and learn more and more to improve myself better in the future.So that I could offer a little bit of my life to show them a beauty of life in our world.Thank you for all of you,thank for enjoy my photos.Wishing you all the best with my truly heart.
Yours faithfully,
Mai Loc

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  • Jacqueline Chay 14/01/2007 14:25

    Hi Loc, Thank you for your kind comment on my pic
    Jacqueline Chay
    Regards from Australia - Your pictures are very wonderful.
  • Christiane Wüllner 27/10/2006 18:20

    Hallo Mai, i find you here today. First time i`ve seen you was on nordic light in norway. You have så beautyful pictures, i really like them and look forward to see more. Regards Christiane
  • Regina Ray 26/10/2006 13:22

    Dear Loc Mai,
    you have amazing pictures. Keep up the good work
    looking forward to see more photos
  • John Devereux 16/10/2006 5:48

    This are wonderful portraits. Congratulations. I would love to see them all larger. Your good at this!
  • Alexandra Baltog 11/10/2006 13:34

    Greetings, Alex.
  • Joseph Eastman 11/10/2006 6:27

    I just saw your pictures today... very impresive... very talented... you're shooting by heart !
  • Konstantinos Papazoglou 05/10/2006 12:41

    Excellent series of portraits. Congratulations. I only wish they were a bit larger...
  • Claire L. 04/10/2006 19:30

    Welcome at FC !
    I liked your series of touching portraits and I am looking forward to seeing more!
    Greetings, Claire
  • Oliver Suhr 04/10/2006 19:21

    Hello at FC!
    Your portrait series is fantastic, very impressiv faces - a good work. Thanks for sharing it with us, I will wait for more.....
    greeting, Oliver
  • Andy Pomplun 31/08/2006 14:06

    i also want to say: "welcome"

    hope you enjoy your stay and find some new friends around here pretty soon ... :-)

  • Dirk Hofmann 31/08/2006 12:40

    Welcome to fotocommunity.com!

    Good to see you found this place, where professionals, amateurs and rookies meet to share their views of photography, show and discuss each others work.
    I hope you'll find the things you were looking for when you joined and have the same fun I have since I became a member.
    Don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    When I thought about making it easier for new members to join our community, I had the idea to write a short tutorial which might help. You can find it here:

    You might also want to gather some information in our online-help. There you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click here:

    fotocommunity - share your passion!

    Best regards
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