Lily Amrina

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  • moses stell 27/04/2009 16:32

    ketemu lagi kita disini yah......
    ayo upload foto2mu lagi....:)

  • Danny Tumbelaka 10/09/2008 6:47

    Thank you Lily... Please upload more of your works, share them to us in FC, since they are excellent picts...
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday...
  • Vladimir Eskin 17/03/2008 19:17

    Thank you Lily!
    Cold morning
    Cold morning
    Vladimir Eskin
  • raul lovera 16/03/2008 20:13

    thanks for the positive comments on my photo, grasias!!
  • Lily Amrina 14/03/2008 17:36

    since I was a little girl I like to watch my belated father captured all the important moment in our life,he taught me how to take picture, how to see things from the viewfinder..he taught me the simple composition..he kept critizing me..that time I just captured all the moment without even care about the detail of long as it's composed well and looks good i was quite satisfy..but since last year I start learning about camera's details, I took photography class for couple months..and until now i'm still learning not only how to take a good picture but knowing my gear as well... I hope you can enjoy my pictures,and please don't hesitate to critize me..I'm just a beginner and I need to learn more and more from you... ok?
    Thank you..

  • Wolfgang(Wolle) 14/03/2008 9:27

    ¡De momento en Voting quién Tú quieran....!:-)

    Gracias Wolfgang
  • Kenny Jazz 13/03/2008 6:35

    With a best regards and gratulations....
    Thanks for a comments under the snow picture..
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