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Hi, my name is Kim Robert Karlsson aka fotokarlsson.

I'm 21 years old in summer and I had my first camere since I was 16 years old. I'm love to take pictures and seen that as art form. My equipment is now Nikon D300 with 18-70mm and several lenses and other equipments :)

I'm also from Norway, and too all norwegian members here, here is my web-page:, it's in norwegian language.

If you want too know more, ask me a question. :)

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  • John Willems 20/12/2009 22:32

    Together to The Light.
    A Merry Christmas to Kim and Family.
  • SVEIN ANDERS LUND 15/06/2009 19:23

    Takk for komentarene!


    Bildet av boblene er ikke av ¨brus på glass eller lignende
    men bildet har jeg tatt av et spesielt glass.

  • Pawel Majewski 06/06/2009 21:16

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your visit at my gallery and nice commnet. Appreciate it
  • Simona B. 31/05/2009 1:00

    thank you,
  • SVEIN ANDERS LUND 29/05/2009 23:28

    takk for komentaren på brygge bildet i høysand kim robert.

    =) =)

  • s. sabine krause 29/05/2009 8:25

    hi kim,
    thank you so much for the kind comments on my pictures! this here is the shot i was talking about (just uploaded it today): greetings, sabine.
  • Fons van Swaal 28/05/2009 11:25

    Thanks a lot Kim,
    Luck........? or just waited for the right moment....;-)))
  • Niggyboy 21/05/2009 17:55

    Kim thanks for your comment I like your idea of the coffee shop, and would love to do this sort of thing for a living. Regards Nige.
  • Dave Clement 21/05/2009 6:51

    Lion Fish
    Lion Fish
    Dave Clement

    Hi, Thanks for your comments.

    This shot was taken with my D80 on iso 100 with my nikon sb800 with the stofen omni bounce on. The flash was on a ttl extension lead. I held the sb800 at a 45 degree angle to the glass at arms length from the camera. Hope this helps.
  • Kim Robert Karlsson 02/05/2009 19:46

    Thx everybody :) I have been busy of most of my time until now :) I will leave more comments later and pictures :)

  • Ruud van der Lubben 04/04/2009 21:26

    Welcome to

    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share your passion for photography.

    Here's a quick introduction to some of the features available :

    For further help and getting aquaintant with FC you can have a look at the following links :

    For online help, just look here:

    If there is still anything else you want to know, don´t hesitate to write us.

    Offcourse you may allways contact me or any of the other team members if you have any questions !

    If you haven't done so yet, i would suggest you fill out your profile and tell us a bit more about yourself.
    You will see in that way it gets easier to make friends here, get connected and receive comments on your pictures !!

    Ruud van der Lubben Admin Team Member

  • K-Karsten 04/04/2009 21:00

    Herzlich willkommen im bunten Haufen der FC.
    Ich wünsche Dir hier viel Spaß.
    Nette Kontakte und allzeit "gut Licht!"
    Gruß Karsten
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