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Time for a change and a new update. I still work as a darkrrom technician, teaching photography in college and now also work as a press photographer. which can be cool sometimes.. I've been working on a new process of printing and had my first exhibition in Cork City in April '06.. it went well with good feed back.. I work with digital in commercial work.. yet for my own work I still prefer film.. my newest work is all done with film... using different coloured papers with pastels and oil paint. I do feel digital is the way forward with commercial photography but to real learn how light works film is still the best for me..

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  • Kieran Tobin 24/04/2006 22:37

    Hi Patrick,
    Good to hear...
  • Patrick B. Parenteau 22/04/2006 7:44

    Thanks for taking the time to vote for this shot. Even a negative is better than being ignored. I am glad to say that it made the gallery - my first one.
    Cheers, Patrick
  • Dean Linder 16/04/2006 5:45

    Hello Kieran, I have viewed your abstracts and they are gorgeous. I see your from Cork, I will hopefully be going to college at the Burren next year at BCA.

    Waiting to see more,
  • When 14/04/2006 7:24

    Are you maybe related to Dr. Kieran that does the art therapy landscape pastels in California?
  • When 13/04/2006 22:48

    Hi Kieran,

    Welcome to FC.

    Looking forward to the outcomes of your darkroom adventures. Wonderful to see someone playing with art media and negatives. Love it.

    Are you making your own glass wet plates with this technique you are doing? I'd like to hear more.
  • Kathy Rett 13/04/2006 20:44

    like your style...with oil and paint and photos...great!
    ;o) kathy
  • Dirk Hofmann 04/04/2005 12:07

    hi kieran!

    would like see something of those boiled films ... :-)
  • Will Hayward 01/04/2005 16:12

    Let us know what is up with the boiling film.
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