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Jonathan Charles

Free Member, Bristol

About me

Based in the south-west of England, photography / art is my passion though not my main occupation. I have a wide-ranging experience in practical photography including landscapes, portraits, theatre(especially modern dance), and abstract; and with most kinds of equipment and processing - nowadays mostly digital.

I aim to create pictures which can be appreciated on four levels, the first being an interesting or beautiful subject, the second an abstract design, the third an emotional connection, the fourth and deepest, a link to the hidden mythical / spiritual shared consciousness that feeds our dreams. Few viewers may get beyond the first levels but if you spend a little longer looking there is more to see.

Much of my work explores the ideal relationship between mankind and the natural world and female nudes feature especially, partly because they have intrinsic beauty and often for the symbolism of the human in a totally natural state as an observer or participant in a landscape.

I am grateful for any comments or criticisms of my photos about both the technical aspects and your response to the image as a whole image and the idea behind it.

More of my work can be viewed via my website



Comments 8

  • Peta Lisle 21/12/2005 13:58

    Hi Jonothan, only just came across your work through the nude channel, though I am unable to view it due to my membership, but from what I can see you have a very diverse range of subject matter (a true artist), your nudes are exquisite, very diffrerent perspective too many i have seen as you explore aspects such as 'landscape' as opposed to just 'sex' inrel;ation to the female form. I look forward to seeing more from you in all subjects you see fit to show us from your perspective. Regards, Peta
    Angel watching over
    Angel watching over
    Peta Lisle
  • Dominic Falcone 02/10/2005 1:38

    Thanks for your comments on "Corfe castle 2" and "seduction". I experimented with the castle shot to see if applying the good old rule ot thirds made a better composition but infact decided it was better leaving it as it was.
    I have enjoyed looking at your work, I am particularly struck by your picture "sun lover"
    Look forward to seing more of your work.
  • When 17/09/2005 5:35

    Where have you been Charles? I've been waiting for new things from you.
  • Alvaro de Prat 05/07/2005 18:45

    Hello Mr Charles: I'm really sad to hear that you found an almost identical photo to the one I proposed for Gallery: #43, by Michael Zelbel. I haven't found it! In addition, at fotocommunity.com I thought we were supposed to cooperate among members and not go against something just because we don't like it. Posted comments is a different thing. My idea has always been to abstain to vote against a proposal for Gallery in case I don't like something about the photo, since ALL members should have an incentive or an opportunity when they send their photos to this web site, just like you and I have done it. Members of this community are supposed to be our friends and colleagues, not our competitors. Sorry. A. de Prat
  • Abdul Khaliq 07/06/2005 12:14

    Thanks Jonathan, for your beautiful words posted on my picture.
    Your work shows your talent. Looking forward to see of them
    Greetings - abdul
  • Anne-Kathrin H. 07/06/2005 7:38

    Thank you very much for your comment..


    Anne-Kathrin H.
  • When 06/06/2005 23:49

    Hi Johnathan,

    Welcome to FC. I'm fairly new too. Your images are exquisite. I love all three you have up right now. Empty Waterfall, well, I can feel the emotion in the model, it's so much more than a pretty picture of a nude woman. It's in my favorites.

    Thanks so much for your indepth review, on my Pale Series. It's a period, some cathartic work I'm dealing with. I think it's past to some extent. Thanks for caring. For the record, I don't wear shiny lipstick, it's just how the flash caught my wetted lips. I had to go back to the original image to make sure. I wear very little make-up aside from mascara, blush and lip gloss.

    Even if the images are not in a public forum for comment I would still very much like to hear your view on the others in the series.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work,

    Cheers, Wen
  • Irina No 26/05/2005 15:51

    Hi Jonathan))
    Welcome to FC))
    I wish u the best!
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