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Hi! This is John from Lynnwood, Washington, U.S.

Photography has been a hobby for me ever since. I do not edit the pictures much.... like them more without all the editing.

Hope you enjoy my pictures. Looking forward to your tips and comments.

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  • Mandy 1988 28/05/2011 20:54

    Hello John!

    I´m from Germany and its great to meat people from around the world at "fotocommunity".

    I hope you can understand what I have to say to you! My English is not so good, you know. But I use this chance to connect to people who are English speakers to learn a little bit more ;)

    Best wishes from Germany!!!
  • Martin Jay 05/05/2009 20:53

    Thank you John for your comment on my photo The look out.
    Regards Martin
  • Beata Janeczko.dioxidin02 13/02/2008 6:54

    Thanks for the comment, I really enjoy you gallery ;)
  • Stefan Stadelmann 13/03/2007 11:17

    Hi John, many thanks for your comment on:

    Wasserflugzeug auf dem Lake Union
    Wasserflugzeug auf dem Lake Union
    Stefan Stadelmann

    The Seattle Area was great and I enjoyed your city!!!

    Hope to see more pics from you!

    Bye, Stefan.
  • guy.lunatic 25/08/2006 18:25

    thanks for your comment... I like your was a beautiful trip...
    seattle - summer in the city
    seattle - summer in the city
  • René van Rijswijk 15/08/2006 23:47

    Thanks for your comment John, the picture was taken at the Maasvlakte an industrial area near Rotterdam Holland.
    Greetings René
  • Jacqueline Chay 15/08/2006 21:57

    Hi John, Thank you kindly for taking the time to view and comment on my pics Regards from Australia
  • Sara Goss 14/08/2006 16:52


    I enjoyed looking at your work. Have a great day!

  • Daniel Shunra 24/06/2006 7:45

    Hey John,
    Just came across your pics. Good to see someone local!
    Daniel, from Port Townsend
  • Peter Lawrence 17/04/2005 12:59

    G'day John and welcome to the fotocommunity, enjoy your stay here with us,
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