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..Joy is contagious.
Let's spread this virus around us!

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  • Valter Filippeschi 20/04/2010 22:36

    Hi Martina
    Thank you very much for your comment. I will publish more pictures of this beautiful place...
    Colors of Iceland
    Colors of Iceland
    Valter Filippeschi
  • Hrubec79 17/04/2010 20:06

    ...Joy is contagious.
    Let's spread this virus around us!
  • Bob Merco 05/03/2010 22:26

    thanks for the comments as they are really appreciated. I do not use any special cameras. I use canon rebels. I will shoot through the viewfinder of an old duaflex, but most everything is done in photoshop with textures and various tricks. thanks again....bob
  • Alan Garrick 10/05/2009 22:27

    Some great photos on your site, welcome to FC.
    Cheers Allan
  • Grit Siwonia 10/05/2009 21:08

    Welcome to the
    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share your passion for photography.

    For further help you can have a look at the following links :

    For online help, just look here:

    If there is still anything else you want to know, don´t hesitate to write us.

    Enjoy the fotocommunity! :-) :-) :-)

    Grit Siwonia, admin
  • Janusz Wa 10/05/2009 19:34

    all photos very nice !!!!!
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