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I've been interested in photography since I was a kid, but I first got my cheap camera back in 1997 (a kodak) and started taking photos of friends. I got my first decent camera back in 2000 while visiting Saudi Arabia (Nikon Pronea S), got my first digital camera a year later while visiting Turkey. That is the time when I started taking landscape photos. I realized I needed a more decent digital camera, so I bought a Nikon D100 back in January 2004 and I've been loving it since. One of my addictions also is working on Photoshop, I am still a beginner on this program, but it will take me awhile to learn.

Places I've been to: (aside from California and of course Philippines)... Illinois, Virginia, Missouri, Nevada, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Saudi, Turkey, Japan, Guam, and of course I've been to other U.S. States, but just can't remember.

I use these for my Nikon D100: Quantaray tele-macro 70-300mm and Tamron 19-35mm wide angle lenses, Nikon SB-50DX flash and of course a regular tripod. When I earn more money, then I'll buy more photo equipment.

UPDATE: I just bought a new flash, a Nikon SB-800 - it's a gem!!!

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  • Carina Bucu 22/09/2005 1:41

    Hi Grace! Kamusta! Thank you for your kind remarks about my pics. It's a hobby and i'm glad to be here. Your photos are very nice! I especially enjoy how you project a distinct clarity with your images. ...looking forward to seeing more... =) Cari
  • Diana Davidson 17/04/2005 14:40

    Hi Grace! I use a Canon G5 for anything I share here... I don't have a scanner to share my 35mm images, sadly. I dislike flash and I don't like to use a tripod unless I have to. Less is more to me. Thanks for showing your work. I enjoy it!
  • Richard Overtoom 07/04/2005 0:17

    Hi Grace,
    very nice words, thanks a lot...
    with best regards, richard
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/02/2005 18:27

    hi grace!

    welcome to good to see you found us. here you will find hobby photographers, amateurs and professionals from all over the world and after seeing your first photos i'm sure that you'll have a bunch of fans and buddys soon ... ;-)

    take care
  • Christopher Trauco 25/02/2005 22:41

    Hey thanks for the comments
  • Sjoerd van den berg 13/12/2004 4:47

    luv ur kid shots grl keep it up and keep enjoying it all, its a heap o fun..and watch out for Raul he's a black 'n white fun here keep shooting glad ur on board....:))
  • Deborah Hangartner 10/12/2004 8:58

    Hi Grace! Love your photos...can't wait to see more of your work! Some landscapes, maybe?
    Greetings from Canada!
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