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I am born on March 13 in Turin (Italy) many years ago.
Since boy I am always liked to shoot photos.
Particularly I have always been attracted by the world of the macrophotography.
Lately I am interesting me in the digital shot and the various possibilities that tools as PS offer for the manipulation or for the composition of the images.
This is my humble thought on the photography:
"In the composition of photographic images there are no rules that are worth... diagonal, two thirds, three quarters and above all I have never understood because a photo has to be out center, or perfectly in focus to all the costs.... a photo is beautiful when it likes, when it transmits emotions, when it tells something the heart and the head. Glimpse and sense of the composition have to be innate while technical ability is acquired as time passes.Thinks no more of the rules.
" Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! "

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  • Rob Wells 11/05/2005 14:18

    Thank you for your kind comment on 'Cactus'. You have an excellent set of photographs. I'll look forward to seeing more.


  • Thomas Hö. 05/05/2005 9:04

    Hello Ferdinando, thank you for your note. I looked your pictures with interest. Many greetings from Berlin, Thomas
  • Dusan B. Hadnadjev 05/05/2005 8:59

    Glad to see you here!!

  • Jorge Gonzalez 01/05/2005 18:05

    Thanks Nando for all your great comments. Just hoping to see some more great uploads from you.
    Yellow button on!
  • Ulrike Kr. 29/04/2005 6:50


    thanks so much for your nice comment.
    Many greetings

  • GiKro 28/04/2005 15:28

    Tante grazie per il tuo commento! Le tue foto mi piaciono moltissimo e sono curiosa di cosa mi aspetta da te in futuro!
    Saluti, Gisela
  • † wovo 26/04/2005 23:12

    Welcome from me to.
    I like your pics - looking forward to what youll show us in the future
  • Anna Pagnacco 25/04/2005 20:45

    Welcome to Photocommunity Ferdinando!
    Glad you came here too...
    Looking forward to seeing your works also on this site very soon....
    Ciao, Anna
  • PINDORIUS 20/04/2005 20:58

    Many people are waiting for your pictures.
    ... welcome ...
  • JVision 16/04/2005 20:41

    Hi Ferdinando,
    welcome to the fotocommunity. I wish you a lot of fun here and hope to see more of your work.
    Kind regards
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