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Born in 1980', I'm studying psychology. Photography since october 2003. Live in Warsaw. Master of photography: SALLY MANN :)

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  • brother c 17/06/2014 22:27

    no to mi tez szczena opadla
    o tak, opadla...
  • Stimpleton 24/06/2008 13:10

    I found Your pictures monthes ago on another website. It's nice to see You here, so I can keep an eye on Your latest works...
  • Einar Iversen 09/02/2006 23:37

    Hello Ewa
    your pictures is an big inspiration. I realy want to take more pictures after i have seen your work, hope to se a lot more from you

  • ANA MALACIC 02/07/2005 11:18

    I just looked some of your photos on your site... great site and some really nice stories...
  • ANA MALACIC 02/07/2005 11:14

    well I have to say some of your photos are just wonderful and what is very great is that woman mind is totally sensed in them and I like that...
    ciao from croatia
  • Eva Heip 03/06/2005 16:00

    I think all of your fotos are wel done=)
  • Liz M 03/06/2005 8:23

    Hi Ewa
    Your photo gallery is very impressive! You have taken lots of mood shots, which i love, they also seem to contain alot of personality, either yours or your subjects, which i also love. cant wait to see more from you.
  • Ewa Brzozowska 24/05/2005 11:48

    :)))) :*
  • John Moore 09/05/2005 4:11

    Ewa, your beauty and skills are reflected in your photo's. Good luck, dear lady!!!
  • Richard Overtoom 06/04/2005 16:35

    hi Ewa,
    your pictures are very inspiring!
    exellent images, keep it up!
    best regards, richard
  • Naz1 05/04/2005 20:01

    awesome work!
    very impressive..
  • Boris B. Voglar 02/04/2005 19:59

    Cool photos. Keep on shotin'.
  • Selby T. 19/03/2005 3:38

    Your work is truely amazing.
  • Angel Pena 05/03/2005 5:15

    Nice work ! Story and light...you mix them well. Clean compositions and technique as well. Love your style.
  • Anwer Sher 03/03/2005 2:06

    Your work is very fascinating and beautiful
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