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"I believe that Art is a long lasting and creative performance, moved by sincere and precious inspiration.
My involvement with it has begun since when I was a little child. Have not had enough yet..."



Born in Thessaloniki, ENNE SEE is an occasional photographer.
He finished the School of Fine Arts (University of Thessaloniki) in 1992.

In ENNE SEE's opinion, not everyone is a real artist, not even ENNE SEE himself. He strongly believes that shooting photos is a great opportunity to captivate documents, scenes, landscapes, faces, anything (no limitations necessary). These procedures are meant to be pleasant actions, by any means. One is allowed to discover Art just because he decided to do so (go create!).

For the needs of his work ENNE SEE utilizes Nikon, Sigma, Acratech, Gitzo, Tamrac, Lowepro and Sandisk equipment.

Press F11, each time you click on an image, to get better presentation of it.

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  • luise heberling 30/09/2014 16:49

    sorry for the very Late answer(2years). Indexes i am a Nirvana Fan. or i wouldnt say Fan but i like listening to it sometimes! best wishes Luise
  • MANU-SARRE 06/07/2013 21:38

    super super album fotos
    top shoot
  • Von der Dinkelheide 08/03/2012 17:19

    Hello Enne,
    thank you very much for your visit and your compliments!
    All the best, Dagmar
  • Linda Herbert 09/02/2012 0:42

    Dear Enne, thank you for such a lovely comment. I appreciation your attention and your beautiful way of expressing your feelings. Best Regards to you. ~ Linda
  • Anne-Lise 31/01/2012 3:40

    Spring is not far
    Spring is not far
    thank you Enne - the blurriness is achieved on purpose....a long exposure time and then I move the camera...I like the results it gives me :-))
    even though it is not a traditional way of taking photos!
    greetings, A-L
  • Linda Herbert 30/01/2012 20:09

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreicate your thoughts and visit. All my best to you. ~ Linda
  • Sally Dunn 27/01/2012 21:41

    Thank you Enne,
    Life without colour...unthinkable!
    Sally Dunn
  • Berthold Klammer 26/01/2012 12:49

    Thanks for your comment to "Maastricht #1". I'm mor astonished about the sharpness of the Nikon lens 18 -105mm for a bit more than 200€...... Hope you are fine - so far -
  • Péter Csepely 05/01/2012 15:28

    Dear Enne, thx for your kind comments. I really use a Dimage A200 for almost six years, and absolutely satisfied with it. Bw, Péter
  • camera-obscura-photoart 03/01/2012 22:06

    Happy New Year
    Happy New Year

    I wish you all the best for the new year!

  • 'MM' 03/01/2012 16:01

    Thanks for the comment,
    the photo is part of a reportage made in Rome on October 15, 2011 during the manifestation of indignados where there were very black block and clashes between police.

    It Burns - Rome 15 October 2011
    It Burns - Rome 15 October 2011

  • Ricky Comi 02/01/2012 20:17

    La Merz
    La Merz
    Ricky Comi

    thanks enne!! :):)
  • Donato Marzano 02/01/2012 15:46

    Grazie Enne See. Ciao Donato!
  • Laura Auguadro 02/01/2012 12:58

    Laura Auguadro
    thank you very much :)
  • Marco Giustiniani 02/01/2012 12:43

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