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Due appassionati di fotografia sperimentano un esperienza comune di linguaggio fotografico.
Per la prima volta mostriamo al pubblico progetti comuni e scatti singoli.

Carmelo + Salvatore

Two amateurs are looking for a common experience in photo-language. Pic by pic showing individual and common works. For the frist time in pubblic. Hello World!

Carmelo + Salvatore

Your compliments are precious,
your critiques are more. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


and suddenly, Rome
and suddenly, Rome

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  • Paperina 22/12/2013 20:11

    Auguri per un felice Natale da Paperina
  • viola d 22/12/2013 0:25

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and may all your plans be fulfilled in 2014.
  • Paperina 10/12/2013 20:26

    Grazie MM per i complimenti e anche per le osservazioni che ho molto gradito perchè ho molto da imparare. Ritengo giusto esprimere sinceramente e con educazione, come fatto da voi, ciò che si pensa e ve ne sono grata. Qualsiasi altro consiglio sarà da me ben accetto. Io non esprimo pareri tecnici, poichè non ne sono ancora in grado. Mi lascio guidare dalle emozioni e dalle sensazioni e commento solo ciò che mi piace. A risentirci e buona serata. Pa
  • Diana Rybakova 12/09/2013 21:57

    thank you))
  • MANU-SARRE 06/07/2013 21:47

    super super album fotos
    top shoot
  • Glenn Capers 11/03/2013 16:23

    To MM,
    Thank you for your comment. Visual story for me is away of life. It has never been a sport, a party, or even a time to weekend chat with others. Photography is just a shell often sported by too many people with big cameras. Not long ago a photographer told me I wasn't a proper photographer because I don't use big full frame cameras. Then again most proper photographers do not shoot eight to fourteen hours a day. They only shoot because it makes them happy. I guess that's a form of therapy for them.

    I love the people I shoot, and try my best to see the crystal nucleus of their world regardless the risk. If I shoot just eight frames to another photographer's seven hundred. I know that I am focused and they are just carpet bombing the environment like how someone liters in a beautiful sensitive place and looking for the needle in the hay stack. Again my hat goes off to you and others on foto-community I respect as friends and fellow shooters. Glenn Capers
  • Dr. Labude 07/02/2013 20:02

    Hi! I didn't get you wrong at all! I loved your interpretation! I appreciate your comments a lot!
  • Dr. Labude 07/02/2013 12:47

    PS.: Leonhard Cohen is among my favorites already.
  • Dr. Labude 07/02/2013 12:47

    No no! I think your interpretation comes much closer to the picture than my first intention did!

    If you look at other pictures from the series, the main point is the girls look. She says "I'm really sorry. I absolutely don't understand what I have done. I destroyed something important unintentionally. I really didnt want to hurt anybody. So sorry that I killed." But her own wounds leave the question open, who is the wounded person after all.

    This all doesn't apply to this particular picture. She is "presenting" the heart like a prey or a sacrifice. That suits much better to your interpretation.
  • Dr. Labude 07/02/2013 10:06

    Hi Carmelo,

    thank you for the link to Fabrizio De Andrè and the text. It is amazing. I didn't know him at all. Unfortunately ... you know ... my italian ...

    I thought it is great to hear it just as "music" but then ... isn't it a strange attitude to listen to an Italian anarchist poet and not even understanding him?

    The text lines you sent me are so great. An interpretation wich is not actually what I intended when I thought about the shooting, but that fits great to this particular picture.

    Thank You!
  • Slow Motion 06/02/2013 19:01

  • Dr. Labude 02/02/2013 20:42

  • lucy franco 29/01/2013 16:51

    grazie per il bellissimo commento....è proprio così :)))
    ... il dolore passerà... # 3
    ... il dolore passerà... # 3
    lucy franco
  • vincebarker 17/01/2013 16:34

    thanks MM. All the best.ciao Vincent :-)
  • Adele D. Oliver 06/01/2013 1:11

    Thank you for your kind comment and thank you for adding my image to your favourites !!!
    greetings from Canada,
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