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  • Christian Rehberg 21/02/2005 16:34

    Is there the removal on Monday after Easter in Galgamaca still?
  • Csaba Varga 22/11/2004 17:49

    I don't speak German at all...
    sorry about that...
    The only thing I clearly understand is your photo:
    Easter morning in Galgamacsa :))
    Thank you very much!
  • Christian Rehberg 22/11/2004 12:48

    Hallo Csaba, findet der Umzug
    an Ostermontag in Galgamacsa noch statt?
  • Csaba Varga 21/11/2004 21:05

    Thank you for the very warm welcome....
    I'll be trying to do my best to really deserve it :)))
  • FERRY TENTUA 21/11/2004 17:48

    *** Hello Csaba,
    Welcome to the fotocommunity, the world of the beautiful pictures of photographers, I hope you'll enjoy this photosite as we do! And hope also to see more work of you...
    Best regards.Ferry
  • Elaine Liebenbaum 20/11/2004 18:34

    Welcom Csaba to the fotocommunity. Great to see your fantastic images!
  • Visiones de vida. 20/11/2004 8:46

    Love your first image..hope to see more!
    yellow button on!
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