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I've been heavily influenced by Glen E Friedman in the last few years...especially with the release of 'dogtown and Z-boys'.
I like to capture the essence of a moment..especially when it comes down to extreme sport photography...there's something gripping and captivating about the level of adrenaline a photo can convey.
When i get bored I find myself experimenting with digital manipulation - colours and perception mainly.
I'm now studying photography as a full time student at university...unfortunately they've kicked me back into the stone age with film and darkrooms!
i know i need ot know this stuff but its so time consuming and to some extent risky - i like to know what i have when i have it!

my equipment:

Canon 10D + Battery grip
Tamron 28-35mm
Canon 35 - 80mm
Canon 80 - 200mm
Sigma 50 - 500mm

Kodak 6490

Bronica SQAm 6 x 6

...and soon i'll have a shiny new Canon 5D :D

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  • Ashley. 20/03/2007 3:47

    lol, no... i didnt realize thats what it was. I'm more into random closeups, nature, and some portraits.
  • Sarndra 04/03/2006 0:46

    Hey Chris...

    Thanx for the message :-) ... LOL i know everyone says that about the top right hand corner of my gull pic... but i think in this day and age it's nice to sometimes not have digitally enhanced pics. My daughter did photoshop it for me at one stage.

  • When 24/02/2006 12:40

    Hello from Seattle, Washington.
  • Josh Stevens 20/02/2006 20:06

    cheers chris howz uni goin i guess i learnt all my techniques from the master!!!
  • Josh Stevens 19/02/2006 14:43

    hey chris!!! check out my fotos he he in the youth section lol
  • Rohan Akunoori 17/09/2005 18:27

    Hey Chris,
    Thank you so much for you e.mail, Dude I am not a pro like you just take what I feel and see from dep within my spirit and not all that i desire I could capture but beauty inspires me to see more as I am learning.
    Hope to see more of your work my friend.
    Thanks a million.
  • Robert Riley 06/09/2005 22:15


    Have I missed something?

    Another look at your photos has impressed me a lot.
  • Lizzie Shipton 04/09/2005 8:24

    Thanks for the comment on private eye. im glad it made you laugh; that's what i was going for.
  • Robert Riley 04/09/2005 1:15


    Where in the UK are you from? I have a big problem with FC members who don't give a full profile.
  • Rachel A 24/03/2005 3:28

    Hey Chris!
    Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like my fence :) I posted the inversion, in case you're interested!
    Take care,
  • Liz M 23/03/2005 10:09

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for the nice comment on my picture (nat) after looking at your photos i realised how much you put mine to shame, cause your so freaken good.
    keep it up, Liz
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