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I am 54 years of medicine.I started to take interest in photography about 30 years ago but after a few years other things took priority.For the past 2 yeras I have been regaining the love for this beautiful activity.
I use Canon equipment..EOS 20D...three L lenses(17-40,24-70,70-200)
May favorite photographic themes are landscapes,animals....

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  • Natasho 26/10/2008 9:27

    Živjo Bojan! Pa sem te našla! Tvoje fotke so mi ful všeč! Le tako naprej!
    Pozdravi hči in ženo pa vzemi me kdaj na kakšen tečaj!
  • Anastasya I. 08/02/2005 9:24

    Hello, Boajn:
    Your pictures are great, directly to say, I want to see more of them. That is all.
    I add you to buddies, nice to meet you here, very happy I can visit you site!

    LG Nicola
  • Snjezana Josipovic 01/12/2004 19:59

    hvala :))
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