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About me

The time I begun shooting photos, it was cheaper to develop black and white film and prints at the store, than colour. So I have been around for a while. I use digital camera now, but I still loves working with old fashion films too. My computer cannot substitute the feeling of working in the darkroom. Off course I also like working digital, it is the end product that counts. How it is done, I find less interesting.

When I shoot, I am aware of aperture and shutter, but afterwards I forget. That is also why I do not write that information with the pictures. If you want to know, ask me personally. If we are lucky, I might find the answer. Another reason why I do not want to write about the pictures is that I want them to speak for themselves. But if you are wondering about something, feel free to ask.

I am doing many kinds of photos. If I do one kind of photography too long, I get bored and have to do something entirely different, and return too that project later with new inspiration. I love doing snapshots!

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