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My name is Artur Blaszak , I`m from Swinoujscie on Uznam Island in NW Poland.
I live with a hope , that some day I will make a photo of my life, that why I `m everywhere walking with my camera.

It will be a great pleasure to me, when You spend a few minutes with my point view of world , and leave some comments...

Greetings for everyone from this Photocommunity site!

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  • N. Kurpiers 23/12/2009 10:35

    Viele Grüße aus Mönchengladbach

  • Rafael Cor 08/06/2009 5:10


    Thanks for your comment

    Regards from Mexico
  • Rom Kowalski 24/05/2009 19:55

    Hello Artur
    thanks for your dear visit,,,,,,,
  • pyosalpinx 24/05/2009 19:22

    B. ciekawa galeria. pozdrawiam i zycze nadal udanych ujec.
  • Janusz Wa 13/05/2009 14:12

    bardzo ladna galeria !!! pozdrawiam ze Szkocji !!
  • adriano j faria 12/05/2009 22:21

    Hi Artur,thank you so much for the comment on my photo!!!

    greetings from Portugal!!!
  • Anna Kowalski 11/05/2009 3:05

    You look sooo young :)))
    Very nice collection of pictures in your gallery.
  • Lajos Vendel-Mohay 24/04/2009 10:12

    Hi Artur, thanks for your "anmerkung".
    I look your photos too.
  • Thommy Himmel 25/01/2009 7:34

    Hello Artur
    thanks for your dear visit
    salve thommy
  • berndralph 23/01/2009 23:29

    Nice pics. Most of them are reminding me of my last vacation. Do you live close to Ahlbeck?
    BR Bernd
  • Andy Pomplun 20/11/2007 10:19

    Welcome to!

    Good to see you found this place, where professionals, amateurs and rookies meet to share their views of photography, show and discuss each others work.
    I hope you'll find the things you were looking for when you joined and have the same fun I have since I became a member.
    Don't hesitate to ask me or any other member of the team if you have any questions!

    When I thought about making it easier for new members to join our community, I had the idea to write a short tutorial which might help. You can find it here:

    You might also want to gather some information in our online-help. There you can learn about the different features of fotocommunity.
    To get there click here:

    fotocommunity - share your passion!

    Best regards
  • Kathleen P. 19/11/2007 21:18

    Hi Artur

    I wish you welcome in the crazy world of picures here at fotocommunity. May you have fun, but be careful that you don`t get addicted to it... Maybe i`ll read some comments to my pictures again soon or I`ll write something for you. I can read english, but not write myself.

    Regards, Jérôme
  • Johnny Aussie 19/11/2007 20:05

    Welcome Artur,

    I just had a look at your picture at Uznam (Usedom in German) and liked it. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of you.

    I'm from Ahlbeck, Uznam, myself and know Swinoujscie very well.

    Regards, Falko
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