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Lee Nelson Hall Junior

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Western style

Here is another view of the 3d guns, as the first pix is getting lots of hits.

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  • Lee Nelson Hall Junior 01/10/2007 8:13

    I will next week, add another view of the guns, that I hope is more pleasing.
    This picture, is being hit on more often faster, than any of my other pieces shown here on this siite.
  • Lee Nelson Hall Junior 28/09/2007 18:53

    I think that your wrong Dusan Hoza, if you would look, this is"3dgraphics forum" in the Digiart forum.
    Seems like your picking to pick, as the first poster commented this is excellent work, I think the harsh lighting gives the approperiate feel to the piece.
  • Dusan Hoza 28/09/2007 2:38

    Wrong forum I think... try 3d forums for right comments.. I don't do any 3d images anymore... But I think u should use softer shadows... GI... Sky light, Light tracer, or more light sorces.....
  • Michael Henderson 24/09/2007 1:30

    This is excellent work.
    Well done.