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I am a loner, always have been, grew up in the sand-box state of Michigan, what else is there to say about that!
I found out, I am half Amish, on my paternal side.
My Amish paternal side though Amish, is descended from the Jewish race.
My maternal side is European, had working family, but not very close.

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  • Marja Sterenborg 22/09/2009 6:11

    Thank you
  • eddy chung 24/03/2008 2:46

    hello Lee, thanks for your nice comment on my photo, appreciate it very much.
  • JVision 18/03/2006 19:13

    Hi Lee,

    I want to say "Welcome to Fotocommunity.com!"

    This is a place to look at, think about and discuss photos and I'm quite sure that you'll find a bunch of nice people around here which share your hobby!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or any other team member
    Hope you'll have the fun I have since I became a member!


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