welcome to our BAR

welcome to our BAR

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  • Yannis 15/12/2007 20:43

    Great shot, the colors are great!
  • Bludicka 17/04/2007 20:03

    I think, it's very interesting photo.Beatiful and unusual colors and good composition.
  • Amilcar Lages 29/03/2007 19:22

    I like this one Vitaly
  • ruskkyle 16/03/2007 9:49

    i love the warmth of the tones.. reminds me of the film 'Traffic' where scenes set in mexico are filmed with an orange/yellow filter.

  • Robyn Raggio 14/03/2007 16:04

    Wonderful graphic lines and colors to this interesting image. Geometric and linear element aid in the compositional interest and the contrasty warm colors really draw the eye. Quite nice!