The Womb of Ceridwen.

The Womb of Ceridwen.

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Janet Morgan

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The Womb of Ceridwen.

Pentre Ifan is a Bronze-Age megalithic site dating from at least 4000 B.C. It is probably the finest Welsh hilltop megalith (mega-lith = large stones). It is said to have been originally constructed as a burial chamber, but has been denuded of earth over several thousand years.The magnificent horizontal capstone is still in place and is estimated to weigh 40 tons. The hilltop site overlooks Fishguard Bay and provides a beautiful setting. The belief of the builders was that the interred soul (or souls) was closer to the Spirit World and also closer to the Sun, whose essence was worshipped as the giver of life, warmth and abundance. There is an interesting passage on Pentre Ifan written in 1911 by W.Y. Evans Wentz, author of The Tibetan book of The Dead, in his book The Fairy Faith in Celtic countries:
"The region, the little valley on whose side stands the Pentre Ifan cromlech, the finest in Britain, is believed to have been a favourite place with the ancient Drulds. And in the oak groves (Ty Canol Wood) that still exist there, tradition says there was once a flourishing school for neophytes, and that the cromlech instead of being a place for internments or sacrifices was in those days completely enclosed, forming like other cromlechs a darkened chamber in which novices when initiated were placed for a certain number of days....the interior (of Pentre Ifan) being called the womb or court of Ceridwen. "

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  • Janet Morgan 23/02/2014 13:28

    Thank you all
  • GoPicturesBerlin 05/02/2014 10:08

    Very large this monument and full of history. Wonderfully photograhed. Thanks for the information. regards. Volker
  • Carlo.Pollaci 10/01/2014 13:24

    Excellent recovery, which enhances the majesty of the ancient stones.
    Best regards,
  • Mark Billiau. 10/01/2014 8:55

    Great !

  • Glenn Capers 10/01/2014 2:58

    Now you are talking druidry stuff to me. Druidry has a special place in my heart. The philosophy gave me something special. Sometimes in the love of an idea you become close to the author as a devoted servant. The concept of blood bonding becomes thicker than life. Then it all crashes when you discover the author of the ideal becomes just another Official Church of Scientology with it's Beliefs & practices behind a Ron Hubbard style but in druidry that abandons the purity of a nature and wilderness that talks to man kind.

    Druidry is the stones they are the only ones that last.


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