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  • das Bilderzimmer 13/07/2007 23:56

    is that a mounted trotting race? Never seen something like that. looks good. good light, good sharpnes.

    please excuse my bungling english.

  • Steffi Weichel 13/07/2007 23:15

    Of course I can repeat it in english.

    I said that I think the horse doesn´t look very happy. I think the Bit which is used for this horse is very sharp and it can really hurt the horse in it´s mouth. If i see it right the rider used chacks( I Don´t know if this is the right word for it), it is the thing witch is used to draw the head of the horse higher. Through this think the mackmuscles of the horse get very tensed witch causes pain although.

    Of course this is not your falt, but if I see this picture I hav eto say somthing.

    Now i want so say somthing to the picture itself. It is a nice light witch is not very easy to get it right, but you did it well.
  • Steffi Weichel 13/07/2007 22:52

    Das Erste was ich denke wenn ich dieses Foto sehe ist
    aua! Das arme Pferd! Es sieht nicht wirklich glücklich aus, was ich auch nicht wäre wenn ich so verschnallt wäre.