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I'm 15 years old girl from Finland, and I love photogaraphing. Nowadays I take my pics with Nikon D40, so they are a little bit better than my earlier photos here, those what I've been taken with Canon Digital Ixus 65. Hope you like :D

And now I have to say this thing too:
All of my pics are under the ©opyright-law, and copying IS NOT allowed. If you copy my pics and I find it out, you'll get a fine for that.
Nyt on sitten pakko sanoa tämäkin:
Kaikki kuvani ovat ©opyright-lain alaisia, ja niiden kopiointi on EHDOTTOMASTI kielletty! Luvattomasta kopioinnista ja kiinnijäämisestä tulee varmasti sakot!

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  • Petra P 29/04/2008 10:29

    Soffuu moi (:
  • TamySp 22/12/2006 23:28

    Sorry, but I don´t give pictures to virtual stables.
  • Kathrin Fölsch 13/08/2006 22:59

    ....sorry...please don`t use my pictures!!!
    Thank you!! :-)
    LG Kathrin
  • Fríða M. 11/08/2006 3:59

    Dear Sofia!
    I´m sorry to say that I want allow you to use my photos in any way.
    But anyhow thank's for asking!
    So just try to make your own photos, that's still the best way, and you are learning bei doing!

    Kind regards,

    Fríða M.
  • Patricia K. S. 10/08/2006 16:13

    I am sorry, but I don´t want you to use my pics in any way.
  • vorübergehend geschlossen 08/08/2006 12:16

    As you told me, I didn´t understand anything :-) , but ok why not, you can take my horse-pictures.
    I wish you much fun and thank you that you asked before taking them.

    Kind regards :-) Carsten
  • vorübergehend geschlossen 08/08/2006 11:14

    Dear Sofia,
    thank you for your remark in my profil.
    I didn´t find your homepage in the internet. Maybe you give me the link.
    Before I make a decision to give you my pictures or not I would like to have a look on it.

    Kind regards :-) Carsten
  • Eva Potocnik 08/08/2006 8:44

    Sorry, but I don´t give pictures to virtual stables, because the owners and riders of that horses would not be enthused to see, that their horses are for sale, nor either it is only virtual. And I have to say, that I don´t want that too.
  • Christiane Pinnekamp 08/08/2006 0:00

    Don't take my pictures!!!!
  • Linda Karlström 07/08/2006 18:44

    NO!!! YOU CANT USE MY PICTURES! It stants on my "pres"
  • Emelie Lundin 06/08/2006 10:44

    Ooh thank you! My name there is: Siqia,Played And crook. I have a lot=20
    of stable :S :P

    Ofcourse i will be wrote: Copy By Sofia P
  • Camilla H. 20/07/2006 23:52

    Kiitos kommenteistasi.
    Kyllä, Humppis oli suloisin. (;

    // Camilla
  • Sylvia Si 30/06/2006 22:31

    Och..! Now I think I've been so rude!!!

    So I'll try once again ;)

    The first thing WELCOME!!!

    And now about the photos. Don't worry, I didn't write my comments to make you upset in anyway!
    In my comments I try to make people aware of things which, in my opinion, could be done better. But that does not mean that I mean "Your so bad, stop photographing!" NO I don't mean that, it's more like "This and that is wrong in that photo, but I'm sure you can do it better and I can't wait to see more of your work!"

    So... Welcome and keep on photographing!!!

    And thanks for writing on my profile :D

    Best wishes!!!
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