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  • David Bank 20/03/2005 0:13

    Very nice shot, but a litte bit to small. Anyway, welcome to fotocommunity. Best regards, David
  • Holger X. 19/03/2005 22:57

    Hi, Henryk -
    Welcome to the FotoCommunity.
    Your photo is quite interesting, but I want to tell you two things :
    1.) You may show your photos in a bigger size,
    if you take care that your upload doesn't have
    more than 130 kilobyte.
    2.) It would be very nice, if you place a little more
    comment to your photo.
    Some people are interested in the technical
    details of the photo, others - like me, are more
    interested, where the photo was taken,
    and something like that.

    With my best wishes - Holger


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