The Fungi World (286) : Fly Agaric

The Fungi World (286) : Fly Agaric

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Mark Billiau.

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The Fungi World (286) : Fly Agaric

No fungi season is complete without the Fly Agaric.
I’m always glad to find this species each year. :-))

This red and white spotted toadstool is probably the most well-known, conspicuous and cosmopolitan fungus and besides very photogenic too.

Although poisonous, it’s a common used image in fairy tales, children's books, christmas cards and new year cards from around the world as a symbol of good luck.

Dutch name : Vliegenzwam
German name : Fliegenpilz
Latin name : Amanita muscaria


Interesting to know : images dating back to 3500 BC (!) painted in caves at Algeria, depict fungi, more than likely including the Fly Agaric.

A big thanks to ? for the nomination of this picture !

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