the end of the road ?

the end of the road ?

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Katarina Juricova

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  • Visiones de vida. 15/09/2006 1:39

    Well, was good feed back....and though technically it may have come short because of composition, holds lots of emotion!

    Katarina,...we will be looking forward to some spectacular work from you,...

  • Katarina Juricova 14/09/2006 17:38

    Thank you all for expressing your opinions.
    The picture was actually taken very spontaneously, unexpectedly and without any time for preparation. It is impossible to make my kids stand for a longer while. I just saw them standing there...and shot them. No time for thinking about the 1/3 rule :-).
    And as I like it because of its mood...although it is technically imperfect...I did not do any adjustments.
    Special thanks to Visiones de vida for proposing it.
    Have fun.
  • Visiones de vida. 14/09/2006 14:48 Voting comment

    Abdul,...its amazing how every eyes sees something different. The sky in my eyes is just subtle,..and soothing, it does not scream at you, but its actually in harmony with the moment.

    but cool,..I can appreciate your perspective.

    ..good call!

  • Robert Riley 14/09/2006 14:48 Voting comment

    To me it shows that Rules are their to be broken. I am sure Katarina composed the show theway she wanted it, irresective of 'Rules' PRO.
  • Momento Eterno 14/09/2006 14:48 Voting comment

  • Abdul Khaliq 14/09/2006 14:48 Voting comment

    Raul, i totally understand the respect the emotional value of this picture, and it is PRO for emtions.
    Technically, i like the composition. Only the sky is not clear and lack of brightness.
  • don ricchilino 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • Peter. Gau 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • Mircea Tiron-Tudor 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

    Agree with Patrick. Pro !
  • r o l f WENGENroth 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • r o l f WENGENroth 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • Dominique Duriot 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

    I agree with Patrick!
    Maybe this picture is not the "standard" but it gives me a lot of emotion and feelings...
    I understand what Visiones de vida wants to share and I agree with innocence and sounds of childhood.
    I say PRO
  • Ivano Cheli (1) 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • Darinka Mladenovic 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment

  • Jm. Disko. 14/09/2006 14:47 Voting comment