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Thanks from the Heart..

Thanks from the Heart..

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Canan Oner

Free Account, Istanbul

Thanks from the Heart..

Wish I could write all I feel now in my own language. It would be much easier to choose the right words and put them in order to reach your hearts, to express myself. Knowing it's not possible, I will try my best.:-)
I have been away from FC for a long time because of many reasons. . You didn't forget me and never left me alone. Even I've met just a few of you in person, always felt the strongly woven bonds of friendship and love with many of you. Your support helped me to keep on with my issues. I am so grateful, so thankful and full of appreciation for your tenderness, kindness. I believe beauty is the light in your hearts which radiates all over the universe and reaches me here where I am now, in a place miles and miles away.
Yesterday I felt so happy and embarrassed at the same time, when I saw all those mails, beautiful cards and sincere greetings. Being loved and cared is an amazing feeling which I am still floating in. THANK YOU SO MUCH ....Each and every one of you occupy a special place in my heart.
With much gratitude..Loads of love and hugs to all.

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