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Canan Oner

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Good bye my love, my wife, I'm running out of light,

All my friends are lieing down dead beside me.

I can not bring coal-smelling bread to you any more.

Good bye my children..I am nearly to the end.

Oh, Mama, Daddy, please forgive me if I ever hurt you

My light is running out, good bye ..

I can hear your voices one by one, I can see you all

Under this heavy silence of the mine,

My light is running out, I am running out of breath.
I know,

I am slowly plunging into the world's black heart .

My light went out, here I go ..,

Ah, I wish you knew what I miss most of all now,

The cotton white clouds, the trees, the birds, I miss the sky.

My light went out .. Good bye,

All my friends are gone long ago,

Now I'm going too ...

Good bye......

Dedicated for all the coal mine victims who lost their lives in Soma- Turkey last week.

May the sacred flame of your inner light always shine bright and glowing in Heaven, where you are now.


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