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Yulia Sheremet

Free Account, Kiev


I'm really sorry that I cut her chin :(

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  • Christian Knospe 09/07/2010 9:28

    a great shot !

    br chris
  • saleh alkadri 14/02/2010 21:31

    i think u broke all the important rules of shooting portrate.....but i dont know why exactly i like it...it is give me strange feeling...at last i think it is good idea
  • Dirk Be. 27/12/2009 15:43

    you can change the crop size to a wide relation. And cut the hat too, and set the face outside the middle. And then it becomes a beautiful photo.

    Wishing you a warm holiday season and happy New Year,
  • Enne See 22/12/2009 21:17

    ...and you are absolutely right. The missing part of the lady's face is a problem indeed (her expression has almost been neutralized). In fact, it seems that people's lowermost part of the face (chin) is sometimes a part that cannot be ignored when we take... the picture.
    Why don't you try to go for an effort once again? After all, you owe it to her!

    Enne See.