Superman without A Shoe Horn

Superman without A Shoe Horn

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Glenn Capers

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Superman without A Shoe Horn

Putting on his shoes was painful, but to be there was just a privilege to share in the moment. See the comic hero had human qualities. It's shameful to think but one's senses become dull and you just watch knowing that his is a once in a life time moment. When the comic ideal become's human and you want to cry.
This has been done before in Henry the fourth, A modern drama play where the character is stuck in a role he must play fore life. Day in and day out he must endure to keep faith for the second phase of his life span.

Before anyone says thank God I am better than this person here's what I have to say. As individuals, take that deep look in your life and see the similarly road. If you can't see it. Just know the inevitable well happen .

Many of us have the same struggles but from the struggles we have faith so as Superman the question for us is and demonstrated by him in my real time images.

How far will want to go to reach a goal and serve a need and see paradise.
That is the question and as a viewer , yours to imagine and answer.

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