The Blood And Labor of Superman

The Blood And Labor of Superman

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Glenn Capers

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The Blood And Labor of Superman

At the end of the day in the relentless heat of threats of San Jose. Dehydration is a harsh reality. With blood vessels braking from the long hours in the heat fighting for justice. Superman's calfs show the swelling from behind the old and fading boots which range from red to pink in the worn places. HIs blood literally breaks the surface of his skin in beds and clots. Maybe the blood of superman is real mortal, and kryptonite is just the hazards he subjects himself to in the day of his life.

Congested heart failure is just a sign for bloody legs, the heart fails to adequately pump sufficient blood to the body, one begins to drown and the lungs fillip with fluid. Your voice sounds as if you gargling and suffocating while you cough t clear your air passage. I wonder if we would miss him should he pass behind his dream..

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