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Stadelhofen Impression No.1

Stadelhofen Impression No.1

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Stadelhofen Impression No.1

The strong, sweeping forms of architect Santiago Calatrava and the near constant activity of handsome SBB S-Bahn double-deck
trains at Stadelhofen, a commuter train nexus not far from Zürich's Hauptbahnhof, combined to inspire this digital "dreamscape."

It was created from an original Ektachrome transparency.

Calatrava's redesign of the station in 1990 was to accommodate a third track for this busy mainline, under the promenade to the left,
which was part of his design in reconstituting the embankment excavated to make way for the new track - and provide the track and
its platform with natural lighting from above. I know, very dry to describe, but entrancing to take in first-hand, whether a railfan,
architecture aficionado...or photographer. All the more exciting if one happens to be all three ;-)

The image is available in Gallery Prints, as well as in my range of Custom Printed Note Cards.

Photo ©2010, Digital Design ©2011 Steve Ember

Stadelhofen Impression No.2
Stadelhofen Impression No.2
Steve Ember

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