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Janos Kenesei

Free Account, Hungary


Domestic developing, Forte paper,scann

and PS

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  • Remsi Remsen 25/09/2004 1:48

    Thats what the FC should be about eh? :)
    discussion of photographic matters. yes
  • Janos Kenesei 23/09/2004 16:53

    I'am as well to learn here.÷)
    It will possibly better pictures.
    Thank you the conversation.
  • Remsi Remsen 22/09/2004 8:30

    dont call it "correct a picture", please!! ;)
    you maybe call it "trying another version"! that would be better!

    english also is not my mother tongue! i know what you mean! no worries, this FC is a great chance to learn, isnt it! i learn every day.

    life is a bitch ... ;) ..... life is always sorta dodgy, so be tougher!
    severely RR
  • Janos Kenesei 21/09/2004 20:43

    Dear RR!
    "life is a bitch...;)" What these it mean to you?
    First. My english languege is very trifling, because I'm so sorry to you.
    Thank you your opinion. I promise and hope correct my pic and my skilling.

  • Remsi Remsen 21/09/2004 18:09

    hi again!
    hope youre not tired of me already... ;)
    did you draw anything? seems to be the drawing filter of photoshop or equivalent... hey, PS is a so mighty tool! i love it... but as i think filters should be used to enhance a pic... did this filter enhance the photo?
    the photo seems to be a nice piece of a serene street situation... (especially if that lamp was not cut off at the top ;)
    still no offence meant!

    life is a bitch...;)
    severely RR