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Milan Milan

Free Account, Chernihiv

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  • Kantine 08/05/2007 14:45

    Very Stylish..
    like it...
  • Karolina Owczarek 10/02/2007 20:46

    This is very good photo and looks great because the way it was done. Excellent choice of camera settings!
  • Marc Erpelding 09/01/2007 21:18

    Yes indeed very stylish and cool shot. Great composition.
    Kind regards, Marc

    P.S. Actually I do not agree with Ray...it is just this slow shutter speed that enhances the movement and gives it this stylish look. Well done Milan.
  • Ray McKay 09/01/2007 21:01

    i think its too bright
    and you need a faster shutter
    good idea tho.
  • Tizzy Zink 09/01/2007 12:33

    Wow that a stylish shot!