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Milan Milan

Free Account, Chernihiv

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  • Drew Dupont 13/01/2007 22:59

    Always when working in adverse lighting conditions; I.E. Anytime you have direct sunlight and shadow or anytime there isn't overcase or anytime you feel the need to use a flash. You should double check your exposure. And always take more than one shot of any subject. This is obviously not a moving subject there should be no reason you cant spend 4 hours exploring every angle and crevas of it from way up close to way far away.
    If you have the ability to edit the origional RAW file make sure to not Over expose the image play with the curves or levels feature in photoshop.. If you dont have photoshop get it, you dont need the latest one Photoshop 8.0 will do. and you can buy it cheeper online. also Adobe offers discounts for repeat buyers sometimes its cheeper to buy a used older copy online then get the upgrade discount on the new one Something to look into.

    You have an amazing subject here it can be used of all kinds of political enviormental or other journalistic or commercial purposes. if it were not over exposed you may have been able to do something with it.

    CMOS and CCD sensors have less dynamic range than film so always underexpose by 1/4 - 1/2 stop if you are doubtfull of the exposure.



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