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Shores of Västkusten

Shores of Västkusten

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Shores of Västkusten

I was walking along the shore at Västkusten, Sweden and saw the silhouettes of the kids playing in the water.

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  • Judith Kernen 25/01/2007 20:50

    I really like this pic with this colors and "Bildaufteilung"!
  • Jonas Salmonsson 25/01/2007 19:08

    Its not a bad idea. Then it would look more like a panorama, i´ll try it out...
  • Annette Snuf 25/01/2007 18:58

    I really like the colors and the atmosphere kept in this photograph. What would you think of cutting this picture in half, and presenting only the top part? I would still include the clear wave below the kids. I think it would make the meaning stronger.