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Antonio Macías

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Potra recien nacida calmando su hambre.

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  • Emelie Lundin 05/08/2006 14:24

    Hello. I come from Sweden and I just wonder if I could use your nice photos on the site: Stallet.se.

    Thanks a lot! :)
  • Anna Attlid 02/08/2006 9:45

    I agree with Elvira. Cute foal, though :)
    "My" foal has the same white rings around the eyes, I think it's cute.
  • Elvira R 01/08/2006 8:56

    like the foto, but step asside a bit so you can show the foal. And i discovered two things: that the only thing on the picture that have the focus and sharpness is the mare's leg AND the colours in the left corner, from the sun. (?) But i can see you tried :)