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Elvira R

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About me

Hello, My name is Elvira and i'm 14 years old. I mostly take photos of horses, but i'm doing my best to vary the pictures :)

I use an Casio Exilim 6.0 mp digital camera, it's really great!

LATEST (in photographics):
I've discovered a new photo director in my computer and that means that i can make them look better ^^

Iv'e got a new camera in christmas present!! it's an: Casio Exilim 6.0 mp digital camera :) It's really good and soon you'll se some new pictures! :)

I Took a lot of pictures from Stockholm international horse show 2007, during the show jumping. None of them (the pictures) where good though :/


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  • Veronikaa Ahlin 09/02/2007 16:44

    Okej, men det va likt den hästen iallfall!! =)
  • Veronikaa Ahlin 04/02/2007 18:57

    De fotot "one cool shot" var har du fotat det??! På ett ridläger? i Halland?! En anna häst ser också ut som på det ridlägret, hon heter prinzessin!! Tacksam för svar!!
  • Anna Attlid 24/12/2006 10:40

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

    Hope you're doing fine.
    Anna Attlid
  • Miranda Beck 23/12/2006 22:27

    Thanks for the comment on my pic "Två själar". Yes maybe, but i have reallty many pics like this pic, but I load this up on the community!

    Miranda Beck
  • Miranda Beck 22/12/2006 11:15

    Thank you very much for the comment on my pic 'Autumn'.

    Miranda Beck
  • Lovisa Lagerquist 18/12/2006 16:40

    Hi Elvira :)
    And thanx for your comment on my pic!
    Lovisa Lagerquist

    Regards Lovisa
  • Elvira Laine 22/11/2006 12:59

    haha mm ;p
  • Sylvia Si 05/11/2006 20:25

    Thank you very much for your comment upon my photo!
    I will upload the orginal photo soon.

    I like very much your ideas for photos :)
    (Besides that I love photos of horses ;) )

    Sylwia S.
  • Elvira Laine 24/10/2006 14:25

    Duger :)
  • Elvira Laine 21/10/2006 13:56

    Hur är det med dig då ? ;)
  • Elvira Laine 19/10/2006 9:51

    Hejsna ;D haha vad kul att vi heter samma sak :D
  • Anna Attlid 12/10/2006 19:58

    Hi again, and thank you for telling me.
    I can understand that you have a bad time in your life right now, and I wish you all happiness.
    And you can never be too honest! It's making me better when you criticize me. So don't be sorry for that :) But sometimes I feel like you are jealous, and want me to feel bad. But maybe that's not the way it is, it's just me who is sensitive.

    Thank you anyway, and good luck with your photos!
    Anna Attlid
  • Emma H 08/10/2006 19:49

    haha , det är bra ;-D Ju mer man fotar, desto mer lär man sig! :D Och det är ju roligare med en bra kamerA^^
  • Emma H 08/10/2006 15:59

    Dumt :/ men hoppas du får en ny kamera ^^, Då är det ju lite enklare med, annars kanman ju inte zooma eller något, lite jobbigt ibland S:
  • Emma H 08/10/2006 15:58

    Tackar för den snälla kommentaren :'D
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