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Savoring the Past on a "Sundae" Evening

Savoring the Past on a "Sundae" Evening

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Savoring the Past on a "Sundae" Evening

It is almost 6:30 on a quiet summer Sunday evening in the central Maryland community of Taneytown.

The empty parking lot next to the City Hall afforded a yummy unobstructed view (although perhaps some vintage automobiles might have enhanced it!) of this mural “billboard” for Zile’s Ice Cream.

The original sign – from 1927 – was obstructed when a building went up next to the one that would later become City Hall. But when that building came down, revealing the faded mural, some civic minded folks decided in 2001 to celebrate a bit of Taneytown’s more bustling past, and commissioned a local artist to create a replica of the original “billboard.”

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun at the time, “Arthur M. Zile made his ice cream in Westminster [just down the road from Taneytown] beginning in the late 19th century. The old Central Hotel in Taneytown served the ice cream, and hotel owners John Leister and W. Rein Motter commissioned the sign to attract travelers with a sweet tooth.”

Worked for me ;-)

The photograph was taken on Fomapan Classic-100 film in a Canon EOS-620 through a Tokina 20-35 mm lens.

After posting it, I shall sally forth in search of a good hot fudge sundae. (Wonder how much that would have cost in 1927!)

Photo + Design ©2014 Steve Ember

Join me while I pack for a shoot ;-)

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