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Religious rivalry

Religious rivalry

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alexander stefanatos

Pro Member, thessaloniki

Religious rivalry

Temple Mount site

Five minutes walk separate the sparkling golden Dome of The Rock-one of the oldest works of islamic architecture- from The Western Wall, an ancient lime stone wall in the old city of Jerusalem, on the site of The Temple Mount regarded as the Holiest site for the Jews. And yet, these five minutes extend into centuries of religious rivalry, bloody wars, fundamentalistic obsessions and terroristic atrocities.Muslims consider The Rock as the site from where Muhammad ascended to heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. Jews consider it as the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.Muslims in The Rock pray towards The Kaaba stone in Mecca and keep the place not accessible to Jews. Jews pray bowing and swaying in front of the Western Wall touching the stone with their front. Virtually they weep for the destruction of The Temple. (The term Wailing Wall was only used by the Christians and was revived in the period of non Jewish control between the Brittish rule in 1920 and the six day war in 1967.. It is rejected and never used by the Jews.
History is a melting pot where events of reality can turn into precious pearls of experience and advise for descendants but, unfortunately, very often can give birth to obsessions, misbeleifs and hate that not only divide but also eliminate( recent events of Jihads in Palmyra).

Ironicaly, in the flow of history,even adverse monuments built side by side reconciliate and make friendships as easily as books on the library shelves. Fanatism, malice and vindictiveness remain vivid only in people's mind that cannot accept the principle fact that different religions, origins, colors and traditions should also be respected and free.

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  • adriana lissandrini 02/05/2016 18:21

    I admire these beautiful architectures and this beautiful view with bitterness why not learn to respect each other and live together peacefully? is very complicated indeed, a place so full of history and so full of hate ...wonderful photo, Alexander.....
    caro saluto, Adriana
  • sparkling light 02/05/2016 11:31

    A real hotspot of faith and hate. A nice photo though in you own personal style.
    Have a nice day, Alexander.
  • alexander stefanatos 02/05/2016 9:23

    Actually, Judaism, Christianity and Islamism have sprouted from the same woomb,Sue, The Bible and they all have monotheistic base. Thanks for your attention and comments.
  • Sue Thompson 02/05/2016 8:31

    A fine scene Alexander, and along with your words, it evokes well how easy it would be for all of us to respect and even love one another, no matter what our religion........ but we seem incapable of doing so... and so wars and violence, intoerance and hate live on in this world of strife and war and hatred.
    What really amazes me is the simillarity between all religions..... are they really all derived from the same story??? Just expressed in different ways. but will it all end one day and all of us learn to live together in peace......

  • Mirjam Burer 02/05/2016 7:19

    beautiful overview and tonal range with fine texture, Alexander...
    thank you for the information...people won't change ..sad...
    me poly agapi..
  • Janos Gardonyi 02/05/2016 1:11

    nice and sharp in your inimitable style....... janos
  • Carlo.Pollaci 01/05/2016 22:35

    Notevole fotografia, che racconta e documenta la storia difficoltosa di questi luoghi sacri.
    Molto bello il bianco e nero.
    Un caro saluto,
  • Harold Thompson 01/05/2016 17:34

    So many conflicts Good detail and view
    :-)) Harold


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